Other Awards

GOF Central 2017, Akron, OH

To see the CAR AWARDS, go here.

Paul Johnson Club Driving Award  -  Michigan Chapter


Valve Cover Races


New Built:   1st Place -  Lian Shoviak

New Built:   2nd Place - David Johansson


Fun Run:   1st Place - Joe Gunderson

Fun Run:   2nd Place - Jim Northrup


Pro:   1st Place - Bob Gecsi

Pro:   2nd Place - Bob Satava



MG-T:  1st Place  - Steve Holekamp

MG-T:  2nd Place  - John & Jan McNarry

Other MG:  1st Place - Barry Jacobs & Brad Nelson



MG-T:  1st Place  - Steve & Janine Holekamp

MG-T:  2nd Place  - Dave & Vickie Mowry

Other MG:  1st Place  - Reinout & Henneke Vogt - M-type

Other MG:  2nd Place  - Brian Regenos & Brent Reifsnyder - MGA

Photo Contest


1st Place  - David Bly

2nd Place - Jeff Fields

Craft Contest


1st Place  - David & Kathy Ahrendt

2nd Place - Melvin & Eileen Hunsucker

Youth Car Award


1st Place - Lee Jacobsen - SA  #55







2nd Place - Doug & Deb Keller - MGB # 33






3rd Place  - Bill & Sarah Richey - #105

You can view these pictures in full resolution and download them here:  https://gofcentral.shutterfly.com


The photo (JPG) is numbered the same as the car.

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