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Gathering of the Faithful MK XXXIX

Lake Lawn Resort, 2018


Valve Cover Racing Rules



1. All cars may have practice runs until they have been weighed. Once weighed, no more tuning of the cars is allowed and the cars must be put in the corral until it is time to race. The corral shall be set up next to the track.

2. Regulation and Unlimited races will be run separately.

3. The best looking VCR shall be chosen by popular ballot as part of the regular balloting process and shall be awarded a separate prize.



1. Each car must be made from the valve cover of an identifiable British built automobile engine.

2. Regulation cars shall way no more than 12 pounds.

3. Unlimited cars can weigh anything over 12 pounds but must conform in all other respects.

4. All cars must have four wheels touching the ground and bearing weight.

5. All cars must have their front wheels located such that they contact, but not overlap the starting gate, which is an aluminum bar two inches high.

6. The starting gate area is 22 inches long and 18 inches wide.

7. Cars must fit in the starting gate area. No overlap of wheels behind the starting gate area is allowed.



1. Each heat will consist of three runs. The winner of the heat shall win two out of three runs. If there is a tie in a run, that run shall be repeated until a winner is declared.

2. Cars will switch lanes after each run.

3. Any car that runs out of its lane will lose that run. If both cars run out of their lanes, the heat shall be run again.

4. The winner in each of the two classes shall be the car that fends off all competitors. The second place winner shall be the runner up

 in the double elimination process.

5. The car whose front wheels cross the finish line first without going out of its lane shall be declared the winner.

6. Ties shall be broken by running additional heats.

7.  Ties shall be broken by running additional heats.

8.  Any car that sheds parts during a run will be disqualified. No oil may dropped  on the track or pit area.



1. The track shall consist of an inclined plane with a starting gate 22 inches long and 18 inches wide.

2. The starting gate shall be two inches high.

3. The total length of the inclined plane, including the starting gate, shall be eight feet. The width of the lanes from the staring gate to the end of the track shall be 24 inches.

4. The height of the inclined plane shall be approximately 30 inches.

5. The distance from the base of the of the inclined plane to the finish line shall be between 16 and 24 feet, depending on the available area. The track surface shall be the paved surface of the parking lot. Twenty four feet is preferred.


[Note: The rules are subject to change.  For more information on valve cover racing, check out the various websites on the internet dedicated to the sport.]



Valve Cover Races -- PREVIOUS Rules (Used for Indianapolis GOF)



The rules for the construction of the valve cover racer are as follows:


·         No engine, propulsion or moving weights. Gravity is your friend;


·         The racer must be made from an automobile or pickup gasoline engine valve cover;


·         The valve cover must retain its entire original gasket-sealing surface


·         The racer can have a chassis, but the chassis cannot be inter-changed with any other valve cover body after it is registered for that days race;


·         Nothing may extend beyond the gasket surface on the front of the racer;


·         There must be a total of four wheels, either inside or outside of the valve cover;


·         There must be a non-metallic wheel surface contacting the track;


·         The racer must be clean (no sludge). If the racer drips oil or grease, it is disqualified;


·         The racer must have a permanent number affixed to the surface.


·         The racer dimensions are as follows:


o        Maximum Length - 30 inches


o        Maximum Width   - 10 inches


o        Maximum Height  - 10 inches


o        Maximum Weight - 10 pounds


o        Maximum Wheel Diameter - 6 inches


The rules for the track and race are as follows:


·         The judge's decision is final;


·         The track will consist of two lanes with each lane 18 inches wide;


·         Release pin is 1-3/4 inches from track to top of pin;


·         The driver will release their own racer on a starting green light. If you jump start, you lose that round;


·         If a racer interferes with another car, it loses that round;


·         If a racer is hampered by a track problem, they get another run;


·         If there is a tech issue, the judge's decision is final;


·         The racing will be double elimination for the top eliminator trophy.

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