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History is so quickly forgotten . . .
This is an attempt to preserve the rich history of our Ohio MG-T Chapter

I recently discovered that I am in possession of the "First 25 Years of the Ohio Chapter, NEMGTR"   Club History.   It is a loose leaf notebook of over 80 pages written and edited by Shep and Peg Black, club members who are no longer with us.  It is a well crafted narrative of the beginnings of our club which they extracted from the Lord Neuffield Crier and presented in an interesting and engaging manner.


Realizing how easily these things can get lost in an organization like ours, (who has the "How To Host A GOOF" book?) I have made this effort to preserve this amazing work. I have scanned and computerized the pages into this digital record.  In spite of a dozen hours of editing and "cleaning up," you may still encounter a few mis-recognized letters.  Please overlook those errors and read it in context.


Most Internet browsers have a "find" or "find on this page" function that  will allow you to do name, place and date searches.  (Under the EDIT menu in I.E.; under the three dots in Chrome and Edge;  under three bars in Firefox.)  The "History" is indexed by year below.


I have posted all the searchable text as a downloadable Word and Rich Text (rtf) file. You can download your own copy.  Keep the files on your computer for your permanent record and to help preserve it.  I hope to add more history items in the future.


                                                                                                     --- David Shelburne, Ed

(The Legendary) Paul Johnson


First car ride for days old Victoria Zyp

Download a Microsoft Open Word file of Ohio Chapter History - First 25

“Time does not become sacred to us until we have lived it."

--John Burroughs, Naturalist


Peg & Shep Black


Sheppard (Shep) Black

This history covers the first 25 years of the Ohio Chapter of the New England MG-T

Register as gleaned from the pages of The Lord Nuffield Crier. It is a chronicle of the

chapter's beginning, its gatherings, natters and the associated activities of satellite

groups within the state. It recounts adventures and the camaraderie of members and

introduces some of them in profiles. Holding all this together, of course, are the

cars-the T-series, with occasional mention of other MG models.


The contents of issues vary reflecting the activity of the chapter and the interests

of the several editors. Little attempt has been made toward imposing any

uniform presentation since issues of the Crier differed widely in what they

covered. Too, two of us worked on it with our own differing approaches. The

editing style is vaguely that of the Associated Press.


Dan Glow supplied a remarkably complete run of the Crier. There are some

missing, but preceding and following issues usually cover a year's main events.


Shep and Peg Black

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